Elegant Living

Designer: Paffoni

Country: Italy


  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Faucets
  • Shower Systems

About Paffoni:
Paffoni of Italy offers a whole range of Bathroom accessories, Faucets and Shower Systems of the highest design, technology, quality and impeccable finish. Driven by continuous R&D, all Paffoni products are confirmed by the UNI EN standard ISO 9001: 2015.


Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom is a private space you can retreat to for self-care and nurturing your personal needs. Cultivate daily rituals that give you a sense of well-being and confidence. It is also a place that reflects your unique needs and values – in every form and function.


The result of innovative technology and precision engineering, Paffoni Faucets provide sophisticated contrasts or gently harmonize with one another and the space. These high-end faucets are an expression of minimalism in its purest form, designed to meet your personal health and wellness needs. Radiating modernity and personality.


Shower Systems
A bath is a space for inner contemplation, regeneration, and revitalization. Redefine this personal place with shower systems, designed to work flawlessly, conserve water and last a lifetime. Paffoni offers a wide choice of Shower Systems and come in different shapes and sizes — ceiling or wall mounted or hand-held.