Water E-Motion

Designer: Giacomini

Country: Italy


  • Plumbing systems

About Giacomini:
In the future, buildings will be central to our health, well-being, personal and professional relationships, and the planet. As such, they will increasingly become buildings in which light, temperature and water will be used with greater intelligence and an increased sense of responsibility. Giacomini’s mission is to become the leading manufacturer of components and systems that achieve minimal impact to the environment.


World-class plumbing & drainage systems
The management of a precious asset such as drinking water requires, in addition to safety and efficient lines of distribution, specific devices that optimise its consumption and protect both the domestic system and the public supply network.


Pressure reducing valves
The pressure of the public water network is generally too high and variable to be used properly by the users: the pressure reducer takes the pressure to an optimal level and maintains it constant under every situation, thereby optimising the domestic system.


These devices are used to prevent pollution of the drinking water. Water shut-offs protect the supply systems of the drinking water from counter-pressure, backflow and syphoning.


Thermostatic mixers
At temperatures above 60 °C, it is necessary to prevent the spread of the dangerous bacteria in the water sump for domestic use. A thermostatic mixer reduces the temperature of use, maintains it at a constant as the incoming temperature and pressure conditions vary, guarantees safety and quality of drinking water.