Perfect Wellness

Designer: Effegibi

Country: Italy


  • Wellness & Spa Steam Generating equipment

About Effegibi:
Effe expresses a different kind of lifestyle. An evolution that looks to the future and embraces wellbeing. State-of-the-art technologies, user friendly designs, sustainable efficiency, where even the largest of spaces can become personal, perfect, custom made to meet every desire.


Choose the project that is right for you
Effe’s innovative steam generating products for saunas, Turkish baths and Spas can make the most of the space available – be it a small home or a large professional Spa. More than 25 years of continuous research guarantees unbeatable quality. Thanks to extensive know-how, Effe offers a wide range of complete products that are ready for installation, as well as the option of personalising public and private spaces.


Internal Steam Generators
Effegibi steam generators are compact, stylish and easy to install. They are designed to adapt perfectly to any environment and décor. Effegibi also supplies a perfectly designed outer casing for quick connection to the water and electrical mains.


External Steam Generators
The external Nuvola steam generator enables more powerful motors to be fitted for use in very large spaces. These can be easily installed in a hidden space, giving you the freedom to design the interiors of the hammams as you like.