Bridging The Gaps

Designer: Fantini

Country: Italy


  • Faucets & Shower Systems

About Fantini:

Fantini manages to combine immense creative intensity, and great hand crafting skills with industrial technology and processes. The strength of its products lies in the increasingly sophisticated innovations, high quality designing and setting international standards in the evolution of Faucets and Shower Systems.


Fantini Faucets
The first in the world to successfully introduce colorful fixtures way back in 1978, Fantini showed the way to add an accent of colour to a bathroom. By adding soft pastels or bold hues, you’ll turn bathrooms into a modern, lively and cheerful space.


Fantini Shower Systems
Fantini Shower Systems are the result of a passionate culture, defined by the unique relationship between a designer and the craftsman. Giving rise to Shower Systems of unparalleled aesthetics, quality and performance. The meticulous control over all phases of development, from the initial idea to the engineering and finishing is truly cutting edge.