About Unispace

Unispace is a unique luxury BathSpace product’s showroom with a distinctly international look and feel. It has been specifically designed to convey not only the ultra-premium nature of the bathspace brands on display, but to also introduce you to a fascinating journey of the shape of bathspaces to come.


Unispace sets the standard for contemporary showcasing and retailing of BathSpace luxury products in Hyderabad. Unispace features the largest customers configuration lounge — an ultra- modern meeting space which allows prospective customers to select their specific choices for fittings and also configure and customize products to meet individual needs and desires.

About Aparna Enterprises

Founded 29 years ago, Aparna Enterprises has an excellent track record in distribution of building materials and is now venturing into manufacturing the next generation of Double Charge Vitrified Polished Tiles and GVT Tiles.


Aparna Enterprises Ltd. (AEL) is part of the highly successful Aparna Group. The company is associated with every landmark project in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana over 2 decades and is globally renowned for meeting the highest standards of Technology, Research, Design and Quality.


The company has now four major divisions under its fold:

Tiles Manufacturing & Distribution


Aparna Venster uPVC

Aparna Unispace (CP / Sanitary Ware)