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uPVC Windows or Aluminium Windows

The choice of windows significantly impacts a home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability. Among the myriad options available, aluminium and uPVC windows stand out as popular choices. Examining the differences between uPVC vs. aluminium windows highlights the diverse range of options and features available to suit specific architectural needs. 

Moreover, the discernible difference between aluminium and uPVC windows lies in their inherent characteristics, offering homeowners distinct advantages tailored to their individual needs and design preferences. Understanding the competing features of uPVC vs. aluminium windows is crucial before making a purchase, ensuring that you select windows that align perfectly with your home.

That sounds like a lot of research, right? You don’t need to worry as we are here to help you choose between aluminium or uPVC windows.

Exploring the wide array of windows that we at Unispace offer will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the difference between aluminium and uPVC windows, allowing you to make an informed choice based on your requirements.

Aluminium Window Systems at Unispace

Casement Window

Aluminium casement windows offer sleek designs and effortless operation. Their hinge mechanism allows them to open outward or inward, maximizing ventilation while maintaining a modern appearance. Their robustness ensures longevity, complementing various architectural styles.

Fixed Windows

Known for their simplicity and unobstructed views, fixed aluminium windows for homes provide ample natural light without compromising security. They are ideal for areas where ventilation isn’t a primary concern, serving as elegant additions to any home.


Aluminium ventilators facilitate controlled airflow while ensuring security. Their ability to fit into smaller spaces makes them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens, ensuring adequate ventilation and privacy simultaneously.

Villa Windows

Designed for contemporary homes, aluminium villa windows offer a seamless blend of style and functionality. Their versatility allows for customization, adapting effortlessly to diverse architectural designs.

Tilt & Turn Windows

These innovative windows offer dual functionality—tilting inwards for ventilation or swinging open like a door for easy cleaning and maximum air circulation. Their practicality suits modern living spaces.

Advantages of Aluminium Windows at Unispace

1.    Premium-grade Virgin Aluminium: The use of premium-grade virgin aluminium ensures superior quality and resilience against corrosion, ensuring that our aluminium windows maintain their structural integrity and appearance over time.

2.    Wind Resistant: Our aluminium windows for homes are inherently sturdy and resilient against environmental elements, including strong winds. Their robust construction ensures they can withstand various weather conditions, offering reliability and longevity.

3.    Slim Profiles: The sleek and modern design of our aluminium windows with slim profiles not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also maximizes the glass area, providing unobstructed views and ample natural light.

4.    Energy Efficient: By enhancing natural light penetration, our windows reduce the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, their excellent thermal insulation properties contribute to energy efficiency by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures.

5.    Corrosion & Fire Proof: Aluminium’s innate properties make these windows resistant to corrosion and fire, ensuring safety and durability in various environments.

6.  Low uF Value: The low uF value of our aluminium windows signifies their exceptional thermal efficiency, which helps in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures while minimizing energy consumption.

Our aluminium windows for homes are backed by a robust 10-year warranty on profiles and color, emphasizing our commitment to durability and quality assurance. Additionally, the 5-year hardware warranty further bolsters this assurance, ensuring hassle-free maintenance during the initial years of ownership.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, installation for these aluminium window systems is offered free of charge. We aim not only to provide top-notch products but also to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience for our customers from the very beginning.

uPVC Window Systems at Unispace

Casement Window

uPVC casement windows offer excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. Their versatility in design and functionality suits various architectural styles.

Sliding Windows

Known for their smooth operation and space-saving design, uPVC sliding windows are perfect for areas with limited space. They offer unobstructed views and ease of use.

Arch Windows

Crafted for elegance and uniqueness, uPVC arch windows add character to any home. Their customized shapes and sizes cater to specific architectural needs.

Villa Windows

uPVC villa windows offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. They provide ample natural light and ventilation while complementing the overall design of modern homes.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Similar to their aluminium counterparts, uPVC tilt & turn windows offer versatility and ease of maintenance. Their multi-functional design caters to contemporary living.

Advantages of uPVC Windows at Unispace

1.    Over 2 Million Installations: With a vast number of installations, uPVC windows from Unispace have a proven track record of reliability, backed by numerous satisfied customers.

2.    30% Electricity Savings: The superior insulation properties of our uPVC windows contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption within homes, resulting in substantial electricity savings.

3.    Noise Reduction Up to 40 dB: Our uPVC windows are designed to significantly reduce external noise levels, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment for enhanced comfort.

4.    100% Lead-Free Profiles: The absence of lead in our uPVC profiles ensures environmental friendliness and safety, aligning with sustainable living standards.

5.    Sunlight-Friendly: These windows allow natural sunlight to enter the space while effectively minimizing any adverse effects, ensuring a comfortable ambience.

6.    Weather Resistant: Our uPVC windows are highly durable and resistant to weathering, maintaining their structural integrity and appearance even in challenging weather conditions.

7.    Multi-point Locking: Enhanced security features like multi-point locking systems provide homeowners with peace of mind regarding their safety.

8.    100% Eco-Friendly: Our uPVC windows are environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, making them a sustainable choice.

The 10-year structural warranty on uPVC windows at Unispace ensures long-lasting quality. Coupled with the 1-year hardware guarantee, homeowners are assured of comprehensive coverage for both structural integrity and functional aspects, providing complete peace of mind. Additionally, installation of these uPVC windows is offered free of cost, further enhancing the overall value and convenience for customers.

Our commitment extends beyond mere installation – our trained manpower is available 365 days a year to ensure an enhanced and thorough support system. We offer supervised installation services and efficient post-sale service to guarantee that our customers receive not only exceptional products but also a seamless and reliable experience.

Customization Options at Unispace

Both aluminium and uPVC windows at Unispace offer extensive customization, including size, glass type, colour, wood finish, powder coating, lamination, hardware, mesh, and grills. This flexibility ensures that homeowners can tailor their windows to suit specific preferences and architectural requirements.

When deciding between aluminium or uPVC windows, considering factors like durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality is vital. Nevertheless, Unispace’s commitment to quality ensures peace of mind, making the choice between uPVC vs. aluminium windows exciting rather than nerve-racking.


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