How to arrange your custom wardrobe?

How to arrange your custom wardrobe?

If you have a custom wardrobe at home, you need to spend some time planning and strategising how you want to organise it. While planning and arranging your items, you need to keep in mind the aesthetics and accessibility of the wardrobe. Here, we share the steps to follow when trying to arrange your custom wardrobe for maximum functionality.

    1. Divide your items into categories
      • Tops (shirts, blouses, t-shirts)
      • Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts)
      • Outerwear (jackets, coats, sweaters)
      • Dresses and suits
      • Undergarments
      • Accessories (belts, scarves)
      • Shoes


    1. Prioritise items based on how frequently you use them

Consider which wardrobe items you use most frequently. You want these items to be easily accessible. Some items, especially winter wear, can be stored at the back or higher up during the off-season. You can change this arrangement once winter begins.

    1. Use multi-level hanging

Multi-level hanging is an effective way to segregate the longer outfits from your shorter items, such as shirts and skirts. A multi-level hanging system helps you store more items in the custom wardrobe without overcrowding the space. Also, your wardrobe tends to appear much more organised with such a system.

    1. Use drawer organisers

Some items are better kept folded, such as shirts and undergarments. You should consider placing all such items in drawer organisers. This is a great way to separate the various categories of clothing and keep them organised.

  1. Shoe storage solutions

Shoe storage is an important part of keeping your wardrobe organised. If you have space, you can store your shoes at the bottom of the custom wardrobe. The pairs that you use less frequently should be kept inside clear boxes and stored at the top section of your wardrobe.

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