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Trends in Wardrobe Design: What’s In and What’s Out?

Designing a wardrobe is an art, as it involves striking a good balance between functionality and space-saving ideas. Your closets should add to the elegance and aesthetics of your home. From customizing your entire wardrobe design to choosing the right color palette, your storage solutions should be appealing and practical.

While searching for the best wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom, keep in mind the family size and the overall theme of your room. Today, you can choose from numerous intelligent storage options and closets made of innovative materials for higher durability. They reflect our personality and style and represent our unique taste. So, here are some trends in wardrobe design you must try.

What’s In?


 1. Sleek and Simple Designs

Minimalistic design is one of the most sought-after wardrobe design trends, as many people like to keep things elegant and practical. These simple and sleek wardrobe designs focus on enhancing the elegance and simplicity of the room while offering high functionality. People love this trend for its clutter-free space and design, as it allows easy accessibility and efficient organization.

A minimalist closet is composed of sleek materials and simple hardware. Besides, it is shelved thoughtfully to offer better storage options. The materials of a simplistic luxury wardrobe usually feature premium finishes, like glossy or matte lacquer, glass, or natural wood veneer. These materials add a luxurious finish and texture to your wardrobe. Moreover, they make the wardrobe easy to maintain and highly durable.

Furthermore, simplistic closets come in neutral colors, rendering them a classy look. For example, black, brown, gray, and white are the popular choices. These hues give the wardrobe a timeless and clean look, thus complementing your interior design. To add sophistication and depth to your room, you can go for darker shades, like black and dark gray.

2.Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Designs

As the world is drifting towards sustainability and sustainable products, eco-friendly wardrobes are becoming popular. Sustainable luxury furniture finds its way to unique wardrobe ideas using eco-friendly materials.

Apart from the use of natural materials, these closets are also manufactured using natural and environment-friendly production methods. These sustainable production practices include optimizing energy usage, reducing waste, and reducing transportation emissions. The use of sustainable materials and production practices help minimize the carbon footprint.

Since these wardrobes are made of natural materials, they are highly durable and aesthetically appealing. For instance, bamboo, which is lightweight yet strong, is a popular choice for producing sustainable closets. Bamboo can be used to build hanging rods, shelves, and drawers. Another popular material choice is reclaimed wood, which has a unique charm and functionality.

3. Modular and Customizable Designs

Customizable and modular closet designs are in trend as they offer the ultimate storage solutions. They are personalized based on your unique needs and the requirements of the space dimensions it is to be installed.

Personalized wardrobes can be a savior for smaller households having limited storage spaces. Small house owners cannot afford to waste their precious spaces because of improperly-fitted wardrobes. These closets are tailor-made to suit the homeowner’s unique tastes and storage needs.

Modular wardrobes are more advanced types of customized closets that enable users to adjust their storage solution over the years based on the changes in their storage needs, such as with the arrival of a new family member.

Modular closets are composed of individual, mostly detachable components, known as modules, which one can combine in a range of configurations to create a customized and unique wardrobe design. You can easily change your closet’s layout based on your storage needs, especially while adapting to a new home.

4.Integration of Smart Technology

Today, wardrobes are being incorporated with intelligent technologies to offer advanced storage solutions. It enhances your closet’s functionality and efficiency, allowing you to manage and organize your clothes and other essentials with ease. Some of these smart technologies include:

Integrated charging ports: These provide easy access to charging outlets for all your electronic gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Automatic lighting and Motion Sensors: It’s often difficult to organize your things or even pull out the dress you want for a party in low light conditions. With automatic lighting with inbuilt motion sensors, your wardrobe will be lit whenever you access your storage area.

Advanced Security: In the face of thefts and security issues, modern-day wardrobes come with advanced security features, such as biometric authentications like facial recognition or fingerprint access. It helps to keep your valuables safe.

Voice-activated Controls or Touch-Screens: Touch screens and voice-activated controls enable homeowners to interact with their closets in an engaging and trendy way. One can select their desired items and control the lighting. Also, these smart controls in wardrobes help users to adjust their settings through voice commands or a simple tap.

5. Different Textures and Finishes

You will get a wide selection of finishes and textures in wardrobes. You can either prefer a single design or mix and match styles to create a unique look. Some popular combinations for wardrobe materials and finishes are:

Concrete and Wood: This combination reflects contemporary wardrobe designs as it perfectly blends the natural warmth of wood finishes, such as oak or cedar, and the raw texture of concrete.

Wood and Metal: This is a classic match as the duo creates a perfect balance between elegance and warmth. While the wood finishes include natural oak and walnut, the metallic textures are brushed steel or brass.

Leather and Wood: This is a great choice for its sophisticated and luxurious look. Leather finishes are usually used on the exterior parts, like the handles. On the other hand, wood is used for the interiors, thus creating a perfect balance between style and function.

Stone and Wood: If you want a more aesthetic and organic look, go for natural elements like stone and wood. The exteriors are usually made of stone finishes, like granite or marble. And the interiors are made of wood.

Glass and Metal: This combination has become popular among homeowners seeking luxury closets to match their classy and modern interiors. These are both stylish and functional. Class is often combined with metal accents like brushed nickel or chrome.

What’s Out?

Trends come and go. While the above are in trend, the following are not unpopular wardrobe designs. You will hardly find them in a modern household.

  • Mass-produced wardrobe designs
  • Rose and gold furniture or hardware
  • Animal prints
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Boho B
  • Boxy furniture

Final Words

To conclude, choose a unique wardrobe design that reflects your personality and matches the overall theme of your room. Besides, take care of the functionality and storage options, allowing you to store all your essentials and garments and organize them efficiently. Try these latest wardrobe design trends to remain fashionable and make the most out of your storage spaces.

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