Spring Cleaning For Your Bathroom

The coming of Spring is the indicator of new hopes and aspirations. The season is the symbol of positivity and the evidence that every dark phase has a hidden brightness. Thus the Spring season brings a new sort of enthusiasm in the life of person. Therefore with the enthusiasm of a new beginning this Spring, here are some tips on how you can clean your bathroom and make it full of energy and positivity.

Dust it all

Take a cloth and dust the entire glass shelves and also the walls if you have washable or dust resistant walls. It will remove all the webs formed around the corners and bring out the cleaner side of your bathroom.

Clean your mirror image

Take an old newspaper and onto it put some glass cleaner liquid and then clean the mirrors with the help of this newspaper. All the dirt is removed from the mirrors and they will show a new you to you everyday.

Fans and vents

You should also dust your vents and also the fan if installed in your bathroom. The vents and fans have a very bad habit of exposing to all seasons whole day. Thus they get rinsed with dust which acts as a hindrance to its functioning. The vent fan starts functioning slowly and performs ineffectively if not cleaned because it is the only medium to bring in and take out the air or dust particles.

Clean the doors

The doors are touched by many hands in the same day. This is why the particular area of doors near the handle and cervices should be cleaned properly. Because germs transit to the body suddenly just after touching the door. Therefore it needs to be cleaned frequently.

Organising your storage space

The bathroom is the store house of a number of items. From personal grooming kits to the towels and medicines, all stay inside the bathroom which fill it to the brim and make it impossible to support regular cleaning. This Spring, clean out the cabinets of your bathroom vanities and see how a clean and healthy bathroom will give you more pleasure.

Curtains and blinds

It’s time to clean the curtains that stand in front of your shower and those on windows in the form of blinds. These also get exposed to all the weathers and choose the one which is most suitable to you. Throw all the unnecessary items from the bathroom and keep them at their valid position to keep your bathroom vanity clean and clear.


It’s time to scrub the bathtub and faucets. Whole of the hand dirt gets transformed from one man to another. The clean bath tub will resemble the new one. Just remove all the litter from the bathrooms and clean it with some disinfectants. Also clean the rugs of the bathroom or sweep the floor of the bathrooms.

Let’s take a step in the right direction and pick up a cloth to give a new look to your bathroom. After all, charity begins at home!

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