Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A few things which only people living in an old house are familiar with are small bathrooms with draughty windows and squeaking floors. In this article we are going to discuss ways in which you can make your cramped bathroom functional and aesthetically appealing. While new houses have more than doubled the usual size of bathrooms over the last 3 decades, most bathrooms of old houses measure about 5 by 8 feet. However you need not worry about your small bathroom since with just a little renovation and a few innovative decor ideas you can create the illusion of a larger space. A right combination of fixtures, accessories, colours and decor can help you save space physically and give it the look of a roomy bathroom.

One needs to consider each and every element of his bathroom and find out how it interacts with the tiny space and if any of them occupies a larger space than required. You small bathroom can look much tidy and spacious if you go for a minimalistic yet utilitarian design. For instance you can do away with your space occupying pedestal sink and instead go for a tall sink with storage space which goes with the overall design of your bathroom. While renovating your small bathroom remember that large floor tiles along with a lighter shade of paint can create an illusion of space while dark shades and small tiles would make your bathroom look cluttered.

Installing a Japanese style stepped chest in your bathroom would not only give it a chic oriental look but also help in elevating the walls of small bathrooms. Getting rid of too many closets from your small bathroom can be a good idea. Instead you can install a tall and shallow cabinet. Custom built in cabinetry is probably the best choice for a small bathroom. Make sure to keep the decor of your small bathroom as minimalistic as possible by selecting country style accessories and space efficient fixtures. While renovating your small bathroom ensure that the wall tiles run perpendicular to the floor tiles. This little trick would make you bathroom look longer. Remove your sink from the centre and push it towards the wall; this will allow for a space for storing your grooming equipments. When it comes to storage in your small bathroom always remember that it has very less room for clutter. So it is best to keep your linens and towels stacked away in the cabinet.

Make the windows of your small bathroom as large as you can afford. This will allow natural light to enter and can also provide access to nice private views. You can hang a large mirror on the opposite wall of the window, to maximize the light and reflect the outdoor view.

Mirrors along with proper lighting are 2 keys which can maximize the look of your bathroom. Using stainless steel fixtures in combination with glass light fixtures can help to create a sense of space.

Lastly let’s come to one of the most essential part of small bathroom decor which is a right selection of colour. Always remember to stick to lighter shades when it comes to painting your small bathroom. Tones of white, off white, sky blue or lemon yellow can give a cool yet casual look to your small bathroom.


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