Shower Head Cleaning Tips

Your desire to live a long and healthy life depends upon the level of cleanliness of the things you use in your day to day life, because bacteria are enough capable to hide themselves at small invisible places so that they can spread diseases. There are many micro organisms like Legionella that naturally grows and live in water; these dangerous organisms can easily multiply several times inside hidden water sources to cause harmful diseases.

If water is polluted with Legionella, it has enough power to get launched into environment in form of vapours and will cause harmful diseases affecting normal functioning of lungs. Most of the people use shower heads for bathing but they never ever ensure regular cleaning of these things. This carelessness gives invitation to many life threatening risks so it is good to avoid such problems in your life by using proper cautions.

Here are some ideas to clean perfectly and completely your bathe heads:

  • Within every six months it is important to run scorching water for long time through your bathe nozzle so that bacterial bio-movie can be flushed away.
  • Prefer to spray holes of shower head with a mixture of hot water and white vinegar; scrub them hardly by using a cleaning brush. When you finished with it, run water via bathe for some minutes to eliminate residues from every small corner of nozzle.
  • Detachable bathe nozzles can be placed in a bowl full of distilled white vinegar. Make sure that every hole of nozzle avails the treatment and follow this soaking process for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Now use a stiff cleaning brush to wash all the shower head properly.
  • It is good to replace your shower heads after every two years of service. These nozzles are generally available at cheaper price so they allow easy switching to all users.

All these cleaning methods are not able to prevent bacteria formation for long time so pay attention to regulate your cleaning process and prefer to replace these heads time to time. A little care can avoid many problems related to germs, bacteria and other dangerous micro-organisms. Always prefer to switch on your shower head few minutes before you enter for bath, it will help to reduce the inhaling of pathogens as their effect will be more in first burst of water. Running hot water through nozzle time to time will be a great step towards healthy bath because hot water is enough capable to fight with harmful germs.

There are various shower head cleaning agents available in market, you can choose any one of them for regular cleaning but prefer to use organic products because chemical cleaning again leaves many harmful residues in nozzle that may cause side effects on your skin. Organic products help to provide deep cleaning therapy so that you can stay healthy for long time. Cleaning of shower head must ensure work on every small hole so that no place will allow germ development.


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