Safety Features For Your Bathroom

The title suggests which are the safety measures that you can install in your bathroom to make it safe? We are not talking of keeping your bathroom under lock and key but want to take you to the devices that you can install to make it safer and more comfortable for the users to use it.

Grab bars

Grab bars are installed at shower sides to take a support while coming out of the shower. These bars now come in stylish designs and attractive colors to suit the interior of your bathroom. Because the floor gets wet and thus slippery it is advised to install the grab bars in your bathroom as they will help the user in moving with safety at the wet floor. They can also be a mental support to the elders that there is something which they can hold if felt slippery.

Seat in shower

You can also plan of installing a seat to sit while taking a shower. This seat can be affixed permanently at a height where a person of average height can sit easily or it can be a bench made of teak which is foldable. This bench can be used if required or else it can stay folded. It is preferable to sit while bathing as it will not tire you and will give you complete relaxation.

Hand dryers

Generally there is a pile of towels staked up in bathroom as hand towels. The towels are also a medium to transfer germs from one person to another when the same towel is used by more than one person. Thus to make your bathroom healthier and safer you can invest into hand dryer. Now a days the companies are producing very tiny, effective and beautifully designed hand dryers which gets fitted in one corner of the bathroom and also save the space for hand towels.

Bright coloured tiles

The lightening plays a very vital role in the visibility factor of the bathroom. The recent bath decors come in very bright colors. So decorate your bathroom with beautiful colored walls, tiles and the bath fittings. This will make the bathroom look brighter and thus safer as nobody will bulge mistakenly into something and hurt oneself.

Vent fan

to keep your bathroom protected from the growth of mould and mildew it is advised to install a vent fan. This fan will reduce the humidity build up in the bathroom and will keep it airy and dry. Also it will improve the environment of the bathroom by venting all the smells out and refreshing the bathroom to keep it safe from such yeast infections.

Gone are the days when you avoided installing the safety measures to spoil the look of your bathrooms. The manufacturers have come up with attractive designs that blend into décor. Now you can provide safety to the users without sacrificing style as the wide range of products are available in all the sizes, colors and designs to give a safer and fabulous look to your bathroom.


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