Redecorating Basics For A Stunning Bathroom

In today’s hectic lifestyle, a bathroom is the only space in the house where a person can pamper himself along with giving him ample of time to think about the events of the day. Every individual works extremely hard trying to provide for his family and thus, at end of day he deserves a treat of luxury that will calm him down and let him unwind all the troubles that he had to go through. The best place which can give him solitude along with the desired relaxation is a bathroom.

Designing a stunning luxurious bathroom is a work of an expert and the best bet would be hiring a bathroom renovator. However, there are a few things that would help you give your bathroom designer luxuries feel.

  1. THEME

The latest trends in luxury bathroom are having a color theme. Although, white bathrooms look spacious but a color theme gives it a luxurious feel. Colors such as pink or black add to the beauty of the bathroom.


  1. DÉCOR

Plan a décor based on your theme of the bathroom for example black theme would look beautiful with a few grey colored pots and decorative pieces.


  1. MUSIC

Place a small music box or entertainment system in the bathroom to add to the luxurious look.



Appropriate lighting has extremely soothing effects on a person. It gives the necessary environment for relaxation along with giving it an authentic look. Place a few ceiling lamps and a few table lamps on the vanity to add to the beauty of the room.



There are a number of colorful bathroom sets available in the market that could match the décor and theme. These sets can be of plastic, ceramic or glass depending on your preference and style.



Place a few mats in some places where they would serve a purpose as well. These mats can be placed near the bath tub, near the vanity or the shower area adding to their utility along with beautifying the space.



Mirrors are one of the most essential parts of the bathroom. Strategically placed mirrors can add to the grace of the bathroom such as a mirror with a few small sized mirrors above the vanity. You can even place a full size mirror near the shower area or the door to make the bathroom more stunning.




Consult a renovator before designing a vanity as he would help you finalize a piece that would suit the décor along with serving its utility.



Place towel and utility racks near the bath area where the shower and the tub are placed. They add to the convenience and the beauty of the bathroom.



Doors- To add to the authentic look of the bathroom and one can plan for French sliding door which look beautiful and occupy less space.

Curtains- One can even add a few colorful shower curtains which brighten up the décor of the bathroom.



There is an exclusive range of beautiful designer faucets, sinks and commodes available in the market on which the renovator could enlighten you. They add to the beauty and grace of the bathroom and make it look stunning.

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