Quick and Easy Bathroom Maintenance

The bathroom is that part of your home which is toughest to keep clean and tidy. The constant problem with chipped tiles, stained basins, discoloured toilet bowls can be a matter of concern and the slightest lapse in bathroom maintenance can lead to a dismal bathroom where it is difficult to spend time in. Maintaining more than one bathroom can be an even more daunting task. In this article we are going to share a few tricks and tips which would help you keep your bathroom neat and sparkling clean.

Make sure to do a little cleaning on a regular basis since whenever you think you could do with a little delay in cleaning, your bathroom tends to become dirty and untidy with stacks of wet towels, piled up soap dishes and stained basin and commode. Therefore it is a good idea to wipe out any mess as soon as it happens. Moreover you can also call the cleaning professionals who would help recover the lost glaze of your bathroom tiles, basin and bathtub. Cleaning and maintaining your bathtub, and repairing your chipped bathroom tiles can go a long way in restoring the look of your bathroom.

One should always wipe down the shower cubicle after each use. This will prevent mould and mildew from appearing and spoiling the look of your bathroom. Make sure to properly ventilate your bathroom when it is not in use and insist that other members of your family do the same. Wet bathroom floors can also mar the look of a bathroom so it is better that your keep a wipe ready in your bathroom for use. Monitoring your plumbing is also an essential part of bathroom maintenance. If you notice pools of water in your bathroom or abnormal dampness then check for possible leaks and in case of a problem contact a plumber immediately. Plumbing related problems when goes unnoticed can lead to a catastrophic damage. Make a weekly check of minor plumbing problems like leakage and get it remedied immediately. A leaking tap or a leaking cistern is not only a waste of water but also a potential source of bother.

Peeling paints or wallpapers in your bathroom can spoil its look entirely. You can either go for a wallpaper replacement or go for a DIY approach in painting or wallpaper mending. Messy bathroom accessories are a not so uncommon sight in many bathrooms. One should keep their soap and soap dishes spic and span and remove any sign of wet towel from the bathroom. Wet towels can lead to disgusting smells in your toilet. Remember that your bathroom accessories are not just meant for utility, they also help enhancing the appearance of your toilet. One should also clean their wash basin with soap water regularly and clean their toilet bowls with a powerful cleaner so that there is no sign of stain. Clean and sparkling tiles, basin and bowl along with neat and tidy accessories can give a facelift to your bathroom. Cleaning and maintaining your bathroom once in 3 days can ensure that your bathroom is not only spic and span but also fully functional.

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