Organic Drain Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to considering a drain cleaning program, there are three options available- perform a DIY cleanup following some organic cleaning ideas, use strong commercial cleaning solutions or call for professional cleaner help. While the cleaning products available in the market are expensive and contain harmful chemicals, the best suitable option is to try some DIY organic cleaning program before it becomes inevitable to call for professional help.

Regular Drain Cleaning

This measure is suitable if your drain is not yet clogged and has some passage for water flow.


  • Hot water- 4 liters
  • Salt- ½ cup

Mix the ingredients well until the salt dissolves completely. Now heat the water on a medium flame to get the warm feel. Pour the solution in your drain, preferably in the night to allow some resting period for the ingredients to act on the grease and other stubborn deposits. Do not boil the water solution as it can melt your plastic pipes and other fixtures.

Periodical Drain Cleaning for Tough Clogs

This process is effective for the drains with partial clogs. It will not be much effective if there are stubborn clogs completely blocking water passage. The method is suitable for using in metal plumbing only.


Baking Soda- ½ cup

Cider Vinegar- ½ cup

Boiling water as per requirement

Pour the entire quantity of the baking soda into the sinkhole. When trying this process, make sure that there is no water present before you start this procedure. The water remnants will reduce the efficiency of the ingredients. Allow some time and then pour the vinegar solution on the baking soda and provide a resting period to let the solution to pass onto the clogs. This will break the strong clog compounds into soapy action to wash away the drain. After the resting period of 15 minutes, pour boiling water to raise the efficiency of the mixture and clean residue deposits.

Effective Cleaning Solution for Laundry Sink

The laundry sink may have water silt deposits that are tougher to clean. The following solution may offer effective results if the clogs are not deposited for long.


Salt- ¼ cup

Borax- ¼ cup

Vinegar- ½ cup

Mix the ingredients well and prepare a solution. Now use a sprayer to wet the areas with silt deposits and allow a resting period of 15 minutes. Now use the rinse thoroughly to remove the residue and the solution remnants for a healthy odor-free feel.

While the abovementioned natural drain cleaning solutions work best to keep the water flow convenient in the bathroom, the non-toxic properties of the cleaners and absence of unpleasant fumes keep you healthy enough. However, it is essential to consider the fact that the homemade organic drain cleaners are mild in nature and should be used regularly before you start experience clogs or slow water passage. The commercial cleaners mostly contain strong chemicals that produce toxic fumes and may cause health concerns over a prolonged period. The preparation of the safe homemade cleaning products may take some time so planning a cleanup routine during the weekends is an ideal option. For greater assistance, it is convenient to call for a professional help.

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