How To Select The Best Bathroom Vanity For You

Designing a bathroom is reflection of a person’s style and taste. Good bathroom décor and design is essential not only for other people to see but also because it is the only place in the house where the person unwinds after a long stressful day or before starting a new one. Tubs, Jacuzzi’s and shower cubicles are extremely important part of it. However, one aspect of the bathroom design which is always underestimated is the importance of a good vanity space.

Vanity space is not only essential for the women but also for men who like to groom themselves. It is also a corner of the bathroom where the linen and bathroom essentials are mostly stored. Hence, designing the proper vanity is the work of an expert or a professional called the bathroom renovator. He focuses not only using the décor and the look that you chose but also many other important aspects such as electrical fittings, plumbing etc.

However, if you plan to design the space yourself or are looking forward to assisting the renovator, here is a list of things that you might want to remember!!


The available space in the bathroom needs to be measured before building a vanity as the storage and cupboards require extra space as they mostly have doors that open outwards. Also, there should be sufficient space for a person to stand while he is using the vanity.



One of the important aspects of placing the vanity is that keeping it too close to the shower cubical will result that all your essentials remain wet after each use. Also, the linen and the bathroom items might get wet which would spoil them. Also it should not block the bathroom traffic along with being accessible for cleaning.


  • SIZE

The size of the vanity should not be too big or small; instead it should be corresponding to the size of the bathroom. There should be sufficient space for storage and fittings. Do not over cram your bathroom with a large vanity space as it would make it difficult to move around.



Plumbing needs to be planned and done in advance before the vanity is set up. In fact, the vanity should be placed to hide the plumbing as it gives the bathroom a more authentic and beautiful look. However, while placing the vanity leave some spot from where the plumbing could be accessed as it might require repairs later on.



There are plenty of ready-made designs that your renovator could suggest. Ask him to show you samples which would help you decide the appropriate one for your bathroom.


It is always advisable to choose a material that would not spoil or corrode easily. Wood is one of the options that you might want to consider.


The color of the vanity should match the bathroom color scheme and décor. Also, pick a color that would not get spoiled easily because of the constant exposure to water.

  • TOPS

One of the most preferred choices while picking the tops of the vanity are tiles because of their glossy appeal.


Consult your renovator on this one as low lying vanities might get spoiled easily, hence, it is advisable to build a base or a stand underneath it to make it last longer.


Renovators would suggest you to pick a vanity that would correspond to your height and should not be either too high or too low. Take his suggestion as he is an expert in the field and understands the importance of your comfort.


Most vanity designs come with pre-fitted faucets, however, if you want to replace them there is a wide choice available in the market such as wide-spread or centre-set faucets.


They are one of the most essential aspects of vanity design as the storage space would enable you to keep your requirements and linen. Many people prefer open storage but it is recommended that you choose a closed one to keep the items inside it dry.

  • SINK

Pick a sink that adds to the grace of your vanity area as there is a wide variety to choose from.



Some of the other essential aspects that require consideration are the lighting and proper mirror for your vanity as it is incomplete without them. The bathroom renovators are the best professionals for consultation as they would suggest the appropriate fittings keeping your vanity in mind.

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