How To Create A Hotel Bathroom Spa Experience at Home

Luxurious lifestyle is a desire possession people strive to have at home to be a proud owner. Adding icing to the cake is your style modern bathroom. However, if you can create the hotel like bathroom spa experience in the area, the possession will turn out to be another feather on the cap. The spa-inspired bathrooms are easy to create nowadays, as the professional interior decorators come up with loads of magnificent ideas for implementation.

Prime Considerations and Inclusions

The first factor of consideration while designing a spa-inspired bathroom is the budget and availability of space for the construction. The budget will be greatly influenced by the following aspects:

  • Whether you want to include the dressing room inside the bathroom
  • How many sink inclusions do you want in the bathroom
  • What features do you want to include
  • Do you want to have a separate shower cabinet along with the bathtub
  • Do you have electrical connectivity in the area for the necessary fixtures
  • What kind of storage unit do you need


Ideas for Including Spa Features in Your Home Bathroom

Shower Area: While it is largely preferable to keep the bathtub and shower area separate, the decision is completely up to you. For spa like bathroom, you need to have therapeutic lights and a comfortable seat. Choosing a Roman-style shower pattern is widely suitable for the people of different ages and their requirements. You can also include provisions for steam shower for spa therapy to cure pains and other ailments.

Master Bathtub with Spa Features: Home bathrooms are for the entire family. Nowadays the walk in bathtubs are gaining enormous popularity among the customers for the presence of exquisite features like heated seat back, hand held shower band, easy to reach controls, hydro jet water therapy enhancements, heated air jets etc.

Separate Toilet Section: Nobody wants to get the bad odor all around while having a refreshing spa bath. Keep the toilet section separate with enough natural ventilation for a safe and hygienic atmosphere.

Sink and Vanity: This space in the bathroom is dedicated especially to the women who want to take some time out to pamper them in front of the mirror. This is also an important aspect forming a part of the regular skin care regime. The vanity section is important for storage of essential items and preferably near the sink for easy access. You can also have double sink installation with separate vanities for men and women.

Cabinets: The separate storage area is extremely important apart from the vanity section. This area is meant for storing extra towels, toiletries, and other essential goods. For the spa bathroom, consider including a super spa wardrobe and comfy shoes. Keep the space large and possibly with closures to keep the articles clean.

As part of the early preparations, you can explore loads of hotel spa like bathroom pictures in magazines, internet and other sources. Collect some pictures and articulate a list of features, materials that you want in your spa-inspired bathroom to provide a proper understanding to your interior designer what exactly is needed.

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