The Fog Free Mirror Is An Essential Item For Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t want his bathroom mirror to be fog free so that every time you want to pamper your face you get to see its clear image? A foggy mirror is very annoying after taking a relaxing hot shower bath. Wiping the mirrors not only wastes your time but also spoils your relaxed mood. Therefore the fog free mirror has become an essential item for every bathroom.

Why is it essential?

Saves time: it saves the time you take up in wiping the mirror. This helps you in getting ready by lowering your botherations and you reach your destination timely.

Even application of make up and a proper shave: Sometimes a foggy mirror is the reason of your thick and uneven eye liner. This is because you try to apply it by looking into foggy mirror and thus the liner as well other make up articles doesn’t rest evenly on the face. Similarly it is the only reason of getting you cuts while shaving. You may hit the razor hard or at wrong side due to improper visibility.

Keep mirror clean: A mirror which is wiped frequently with hands or a cloth develop the dirt marks at its corners and watery marks on its main surface. This makes the mirror unclean and also lowers its visibility. In place of this the fog free mirror will stay clean and durable.

Exhaust fan: It has been seen that people affix a large or medium sized exhaustion fan in their bathroom to get off heat immediately which will wipe the fog from mirror soon. But if you take this fog free mirror then you can choose for a small sized exhaust fan.

Take full steam: You may avoid taking a steam heat due to foggy mirror. But now move on and experience how steam opens up the pores of your skin and help you to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the inner skin layer.

Qualities of fog free mirrors

Unbreakable: Many of the latest designed fog free mirrors are available in the market which is unbreakable. They are durable and manageable as they don’t demand excessive care.

LCD Clock: Some fog free mirror makers have affixed a display LCD clock on its surface with a facility to put in alarm. This way you can set a time by which you should have taken a shower and it will remind you that whether you are in time or not!

Hydrophobic Coating: The fog free mirrors have been coated with a layer called hydrophobic. This layer contributes in repelling water and keeps it fog free without any concerns about the steamy environment.

Innovative frames: The mirrors come which are shaped in round, rectangular, square, with grooved edges, slanting or marble as well as wooden framed. These give an exotic look to your bathroom. You can get the one which goes well with the color scheme of your bathroom.

Thus you can choose from variety of mirrors available and inject something new to your bathroom as well as into your lives.


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