Factors to Consider When Choosing Walk-In Bathtubs

Contemplating on buying a walk-in tub? Having doubts on whether it is worth the money and effort? Home owners considering such an option should make it a point to analyze the available bathroom space and understand the factors responsible for making a walk-in tub a worthwhile investment, both in terms of utility and appeal. With traditional run-of-the-mill tubs, getting in and out of these have always been challenging especially when one turns old or is handicapped in some way. On the other hand, walk-in tub designs are known for providing maximum emphasis on the safety aspect for its users.This is why it is quite a common sight to see walk-in tubs fixed in care centers for senior living, handicapped centers, etc. At homes where some of the family members might be suffering from diseases such as hypertension, back problems, arthritis, joint pains and body aches, spondylitis, etc. or happen to be facing issues with limited mobility, the walk-in tub becomes the ideal choice.

However keep in mind, when choosing a walk-in tub, simply walking into a store and choosing one is not going to work.There are certain factors that should be looked into so that the ultimate choice is indeed a prudent one.

Check for Features and Relevant Criteria

Following are some of the features to look out for in walk in tubs that are aimed at providing benefit for prospective customers to choose well.

  • The prime feature in a walk-in tub design is its safety aspect and for this the tub design usually comes with a door that should open out either in the front direction or open up sideways.
  • Ensure that the tub does not have a threshold making it convenient for the user to enter simply by walking in and not lift the legs over as seen in a normal tub.
  • The door sealing of the walk-in tub should be firm and tight to prevent entry of excess water from the tub to the floor of the bathroom.
  • Also check on the anti-slip quality of the tub material. This is important to prevent incidents of falls and slips.Besides the textured pad, watch out for what are the other added features that help in preventing falls viz, the side grip tub handles, seats and the anti-skid design?
  • Does the walk-in bathtub include a faucet set? Having an extendable faucet set that helps in taking a shower as an alternate option is a must.
  • Check the safety check and testing certifications for the tub’s jets and pump system. Has stringent testing been done for the device and if yes, then what kind?
  • Gathering clarity regarding the installation procedures is vital to become aware of additional costs and safety measures.
  • Check for walk-in tubs that come in various sizes so that you can be assured that there is one perfect for fitting into a bathroom space.

So while perusing different models of walk-in tubs, check for features and other relevant criteria for an apt one before getting it fixed.

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