Easy DIY Method for Bathtub Refinish in a Weekend

Often an old bathtub is the matter of great discomfort for the users apart from spoiling the look of the bathroom premises. While a replacement project is costly, time consuming and messy affair, a simple refinishing job is easy to complete during the weekend and that too on your own. Here is a convenient method to accomplish the task very easily and within your budget.

Material Requirements

  • Wet and Dry Sandpapers- 400-600 grit
  • Cleaning and Polishing Kit with Bleach
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Scratchy Sponge Pad
  • Paint Tray
  • Foam Rollers
  • Bathtub Refinishing kit
  • Drainage Net
  • Trip Lever

In case your bathtub has cracks and chipped surfaces, you may require additional materials like the Chip repair kit. For the refinishing paint, you can choose from a range of awesome shades for entirely changing the look of your bathtub. Keep a pair of gloves, some torn cloth, and old newspapers ready at hand, as you will need during the work.

Refinishing Method

  1. Remove the drainage net with the help of a tong. Now take some cleaning agent with bleaching agent into your sponge pad to remove the dirt, iron deposits etc. Rinse thoroughly. If not done properly, repeat the process.
  2. Use the wet/dry sandpapers to rub the surfaces to smooth finish quite well. After completing the sanding process, rinse thoroughly and remove the excess water. Before proceeding to the next step, allow the surfaces to dry out completely.
  3. If you have chipped surfaces, do take in some time to apply the chip repairing/concealer and allow the resting period recommended on the product instruction.
  4. Now is the turn to apply the white enamel paint on the bathtub surfaces. This is a permanent adhesive and very hard to remove if it sticks to other surfaces such as the tiles especially if you have contrast colors. It is better to apply plastic tapes to the borders to prevent contact with other surfaces. For the floor covering, you can use torn, damaged or old clothes, newspapers etc.
  5. Read the instructions to mix the ingredients well and apply small patches uniformly with the foam brush. Some pieces of foam may stick to the enamel. This has to be dusted after drying the surface completely. Repeat a second coat after the sanding. Always apply thick coats uniformly and evenly throughout the surface.
  6. Once it is done, allow a resting period of three days and fix the new drainage net, trip lever. Remove the tapes now and get a final check if everything is done perfectly.


After the resting period and the completion of all the installation processes, you can start using the tub with full convenience.


Caution: The chemicals in the tub refinishing kit are toxic and may produce fumes. For greater safety, keep the kids away during the use, wear a respirator, run venting fans, open the windows and ventilators to let fresh air circulation.


The DIY bathtub refinishing can be awesome to give a partial makeover to your bathroom helping in getting a new look, a feeling of freshness and most importantly the peace of mind. The new bathtub finish will completely eradicate the problems with the old one; can have a glossy look with the convenience of great durability that you can achieve for years to come.


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