Dress Up Your Bathroom with a New Vanity

The whole focus of the bathroom is inclined towards its vanity. Vanity is a counter piece that generally rests in the middle of the bathroom.

Vanities are attached with wooden closets at its lower side and has a sink attached to it at its upper part. The different types of vanities available in the market are as under.

Single bathroom vanities: These are suitable for only one person at a time as there is one sink, one mirror and therefore single person can use it at a point of time.

Double bathroom vanities: These are double the size of the above. They have two separate sinks and mirrors and two persons can use it at a time. Double or multiple vanities are used at public places such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Contemporary Bathroom vanities: These are designed in a contemporary style. They have both open and closed spaces to keep your things. They are double sized and you can attach one large mirror on to it instead of two separate mirrors.

Modern Bathroom vanities: These also serve the same purpose but are stylish in looks and design. The wash basins and the mirror are of stylish shapes which give a very royal look to your bathroom.

Components of Vanity

Vanities are attached with various components to make its usage more convenient and feasible. Here are some of the components that can make your vanity look smarter and rocking.

Vanity Faucets: The faucets over vanity are both traditional and modernised. There are faucets with pre installed sensor which starts and stops automatically. Also there are the other faucets which have a mechanism to roll to open and have attached two sources of water with one control. You can choose the faucet as per your requirement and range.

Vanity sinks: The sinks can be round, oval, square or rectangular in shape and can be affixed totally inside the vanity or can just be affixed with the base at the top of the vanity depending upon the design and the height required.

Vanity base: You can choose the base of vanity. Generally the closets are wooden and are polished with the desired color. You can opt for the open spaces at the base or can go for the closed one depending upon the things you want to keep into it. For instance if you wish to keep the deodorants, razors, moisturisers or such packed goods into it then closed one is preferable but if you want to keep towels then you can choose the open one.

Vanity Tops: The top of the vanity is designed in a manner and with the material that do not spread water and stops its flow. The colour scheme obviously goes in contrast with the rest of the vanity.

Thus you can dress up your bathroom with an all new range of vanities. The modernized look and technology have made it possible to design the bathroom in any and every color. Choose from several designs and give your bathroom a high tech yet contemporary look.

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