Designing A Child-Friendly Bathroom

The pleasure to design and plan stuffs for your little one is unique and fun, whether it is a nursery or a bathroom. A bathroom specially designed for kids can accommodate the requirements of a growing family with the right selection of stylish and smart design fixtures. While designing the room you will get the scope to play with various colors and shades of your choice and at the same time can experiment with different themes. You can apply your innovative skill that will add a personal touch to the space. You can fill the space with pastel hues of your choice along with a few whimsical creatures to make the bathroom lively and vibrant.

Generally bathroom takes up only a small space in the house, but it does present challenge to the growing kids who literally have to struggle to reach the sinks or even to climb into a soaking tub. One can easily install an integrated slide out step or stepping stool for the little ones to climb up the height without the risk of slipping on the wet floor or tumbling down in the attempt. A sensible and sleek design along with well defined lines will make the room aesthetically attractive rather than untenable and bland. A little touch of glee can always work wonders. A playful bathroom with a little chic will be just perfect for the kids and the adults as well. It doesn’t matter if your home has a fine contemporary decor or even a touch of minimalism, the kid’s bathroom must incorporate vivid designs and patterns which are bound to liven up the place. A touch or bright but soft orange, a splash of cool blue or even a dash of red and pink can freshen up the room rather than make it bland and boring with typical grey or white walls. A girl’s bathroom can be of pretty colors like pink, purple or even red with colorful prints of flowers on the wall to give it a pleasant aura. Whereas preferably a boys bathroom could be of a shade of cool blue or bright orange with quirky elements like a faux horse or zebra head along with a stump shaped stool to add to the personality of the space. Interesting artworks can also be installed to make the space more attractive but they need to be hung at the level from where the kids can access it.

One can also indulge children by incorporating their favourite cartoon characters in the theme you selected for the bathroom. One can easily buy cool shower curtains, linens, towels, wastebaskets, etc. which features their favorite cartoon or superheroes. To give your kid a creative space you can cover a wall of the bathroom with chalkboard paint, where they can explore their creative ideas. Along with the fun activities one should keep the safety of the child as their first priority. For this one should remove the medicines from the kid’s bathroom. Installation of a GFCI outlets will keep you kid safe from electric shock. A vibrant and playful bathroom with the right safety measures is the perfect design suitable for your little loved ones.


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