Create More Bathroom Space With Frameless Shower Doors

It is the rule of economy that resources are always more scarce than wants. This rule is best fitted to the space constraints. The people today have access to only small spaces wherein they have to sustain their living. We always tend to architect the rooms larger which leave a very small space for the bathrooms to get accommodated. This calls the need for the technique which makes the bathroom look lavish, stylish, trendy and spacious too!

Traditional Shower Curtains Vs Shower Doors

The shower doors are necessary in the bathroom as they separate the bath area in the bathroom. Many people make use of the fancy curtains in the shower area. The curtains also invite the mold and mildew growth in the bathroom as they do not get dry easily. But it is advisable to have shower doors as it keeps the wet side of the bathroom at a corner and the remaining stay clean and dry. But the shower doors can take up much space due to which they are avoided. The recent trendy frameless shower doors can answer all of your concerns.

Frame of Frameless Shower Doors

The frameless glass doors have little aluminum frames at the corners which work as a magnet for the gunk. They hold on the surface strongly and give a strong standing to the glass. Also the glass in the bathroom gives it a wider look as it provides a visible separation to the bathroom. There are half doors as well to keep the bathroom open from one side. It is easier to clean as you just have to clean a single glass and your shower room will look magnificent.

Reliable Supplier

While choosing a glass door for your shower makes sure that you choose the right supplier. This is because many have issues later on if they get it from the unreliable supplier. This is to make sure that the shower walls do not wobble when you open your shower door.

Frameless Shower Doors in Hotels

The space issue also prevails in the hotel industry. Hotels have room for different rentals to attract tourists of all budgets. The small rooms have small sized bathrooms but if those bathrooms are fixed with fittings which can utilize the space of the bathrooms and make it look wider then it can certainly increase the worth of the rooms.

Advantages of Frameless doors

  1. Have a sleek and stylish appearance
  2. Custom made so can fit any shower space
  3. Easy to maintain and clean using glass cleaner
  4. Keeps the bathroom hygienic by repelling the molds
  5. Ideal for humid and less ventilated bathrooms


The shower doors give a classier look to your bathroom and require lower maintenance than the traditional shower curtains. They have a high cosmetic appeal and are thus popular among people. It’s well designed and engineered glass will certainly gives an exotic look to your bathroom. So make more space in your bathroom with these frameless shower doors and add some stars to the beauty of your bathroom.


  • Lillian Schaeffer/ 11.01.2017Reply

    I like how you mentioned that frameless shower doors don’t take up as much space. My husband and I are going to be renovating our bathroom, and there isn’t a lot of room in there, so we’re looking for any way to save space we can. Maybe we could put in a frameless shower door so we don’t have to worry about that getting in the way.

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