Child Safety Tips For Your Bathroom

A beautiful bathroom grabs admiration for many years to come along with providing pleasure and comfort. But, a haphazard renovation and décor would remind us of our mistakes every day for many years to come. Designing bathroom space is not a job of amateurs but instead requires years of expertise and talent of professional bathroom renovators. This is mainly because while designing a bathroom many key points have to be considered such as décor, materials used and most importantly its safety features, especially if we have small children in the house.

In a recent study it was found that nearly 1/3rd emergency room cases of children were of bathroom accidents. Hence, designing a child proof bathroom becomes one of the prime considerations while remodeling or renovating it. So, it is essential to hire a professional bathroom renovator who would ensure safety of the members of the family by using necessary precautions. This also aids in the future maintenance of the fittings and products which would be the responsibility of the renovator.

However, some considerations and ideas that would help you pick the fittings and décor for child proof bathroom are:


Tiles are essential to give the bathroom an authentic look but it is equally important to choose tiles that are safe for children. Glossy and smooth tiles can cause accidents, hence, use matte finish or slip proof tiles to minimize the accident rates. Most of the bathroom accidents happen because of slippery tiles, so choose wisely!!


Use curtain near shower and bath areas to avoid the child from accidently hitting his head during a fall. However, for the main doors to the bathroom use a two way door with locks that can be operated on both the sides. This might prevent the child from getting locked inside accidently.


Cupboards are very important inside the bathroom to stack linen and toilet essentials. Place the cupboards strategically to hide the plumbing and with built in locks so that the child is not able to access the items in storage that might be harmful for him/her.

It is also essential to have toy racks and towel stands placed near the bath area so that you don’t have to leave the child unattended while he/she is in the tub. Also the child might slip if he has to go far to fetch the essentials for the bath. So, they have to be placed where they can be easily reached.


Ask your renovator to use a walk in tubs which are famous for their safety features. In case it does not fit your budget, you can get anti-slip coating done on your existing bath tubs. They are also extremely safe for child use.

Another important aspect is the depth and the edges of the tub. Another accident prone area is bath tub hence, it is essential to renovate them suitably for use by children. Cover the edges of the tub with soft cushions to avoid the child from getting hurt if they accidently hit their head. Also, the depth of the tub should not be too deep to avoid any drowning accidents.


Use low threshold and adjustable showers for children as they are safer.


Ask your renovator for soft edge sinks or cover the old ones with cushions on the corners to make them accident-proof.


Place stools near the sink for the comfort of the child, however, never build stairs or stools near the bath area as they might slip while climbing them.


Request the renovator to place safety bars near the tub and shower which a child can hold in case he/she slips.


They help the child in drying their feet which reduces the risk of slipping on the tiled floor with wet feet.


It would be highly advisable to avoid too many electrical fittings in the bathroom as they are unsafe for children. Use only the essential points and boards placing them above the reach of small children to avoid any accidents.

Besides the above given safety solutions for child bathrooms, use bright color schemes as it will help in cheering them up and give them a fresh start each morning.

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