Bathroom Lighting That Brings Delight

Most modern bathrooms are a multifunctional space which serves a number of purposes from bathing to pampering. The cosier the bathroom the more time we tend to spend in it. Dim lighting in your bathroom makes it look dull and depressing and therefore one should make sure to illuminate the bathroom properly with the help of ceiling lights, mirror lights and even chandeliers if possible. In this article I am going to share a few bathroom decorating and bathroom lighting idea which would help you create the ideal bathroom atmosphere.

  • You can maximize the light in your bathroom by going for layered lighting. This can be done by combining a number of light sources to make for a balanced lighting. While the ceiling light will provide the overall brightness, a four bulb vanity light would give it a chic look. If you can install a few recessed lights around the sink and tub along with this, then you will have the right kind of illumination for your bathroom.
  • A ceiling light in your bathroom serves a very utilitarian function but it is not enough for ambient lighting. Moreover a ceiling light alone would create shadow lines and splotches all over the space. Therefore you can choose to install a pair of sconces above each side of your mirror to create the ideal ambient lighting. You can also choose to install a horizontal vanity light right above the mirror to provide additional lighting for detailed tasks.
  • If you have a huge luxurious bathroom then you can surely go for a minimalistic chandelier. This would take the centre stage and add a dash of glamour to the space.
  • Globe lights are never out of fashion and you can give your bathroom a 40’s look by installing a few globes from the ceiling or around your mirror.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a lot of natural light for your bathroom then you should limit your light source to a 3 light fixture above the mirror which would illuminate the space without creating spots.
  • Pendant light fixtures have a charm of its own and they also help in dropping light right where it is needed. Choose a pendant the shape and colour of which would go well with the decorating style of your bathroom.
  • Classic lamp sconces have a nostalgic 20’s feel attached to them. Install them on both sides of the mirror and make sure to soften its light by choosing diffusing shades.
  • A layered lighting can at times be the best solution for a dimly lit bath. Combine the overhead light from your chandelier with natural lights from the windows to create the ideal ambient lighting.
  • Add a dash of colour to your bathroom by choosing coloured lampshades which goes well with the colour of your bathroom walls and curtains. Always stick to lighter colours for maximizing the lighting.
  • Too much light in your bathroom isn’t good for all moods. Therefore you can install a light dimmer to control the intensity of your vanity lights.
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