Are There Hidden Dangers In Your Bathroom?

Many people believe that bathroom is the safest place in our house because we believe that there is nothing in our bathroom that can bring fatal results. But that is not at all safe place because there are many threats present in your bathroom and stats verify this fact as well. According to the stats, more than thousand people die in accidents, every year, which happens inside the bathroom. That is why you should consider bathroom as dangerous place but you can make your bathroom threat-free simply by following some particular steps. We have collected all the data about the accidents that happen inside the bathroom, in order to make foolproof and safe bathroom.

Here are list of some potential dangers inside your bathroom that you never even imagined.

  1. Slippery surface – We like to possess bathroom surface that is shinny and smooth so we can clean it easily. But these types of surfaces are very slippery and you can fall easily on them while using shower or walking on the floor. You might already have faced the similar problem in your bathroom as it is the most common threat that every bathroom possess.
  1. Bath toys – Toys are liked by the people of every age group as it brings lots of joys inside our bathroom. On the first go it connects us with our childhood and we feel relaxed and stress free. But do you know that there are many problems that are related with bathroom toys. These toys retain water and make unhygienic conditions that can bring negative effects on your health condition.
  1. Mold and Mildew – These problems are really threatening and create awful appearance in your bathroom. These are very good conditions for bacteria to grow and you can capture many hazardous health issues easily if your bathroom has Mold and Mildew.
  1. Towel Sharing – There are many skin infections that can transmit through sharing of clothes. Many people use single towel for reducing their laundry bill but you might face serious skin infections in result and that can become untreatable in worse cases. This is very common problem that is related with bathroom.
  1. Medicines – We keep our medicines in our bathroom so we can access them whenever they are required. But that makes very tricky situations as in numerous cases where kids have consumed medicines in large quantity. These situations can be fatal and to avoid such situation keep the medicine box out of reach of children.
  1. Toilets – Many people avoid flushing toilet without putting its cover. These covers are designed for keeping the debris inside the flush. Toilets can contain lot many viruses and while flushing, these bacteria can come out from the toilet seat. This can result in many hazardous infections that can make your life very difficult.

Hence, you should ensure high safety parameters are applied for making your life simple and safe without doing too much work. As we all know that small steps can bring significant positive changes in our life. So, it is high time for you to use some simple steps that will assure security of your loved ones.


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