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Action Plan For Cleaning Your Bathroom

No one likes to clean their bathroom but as it is important part of your home, you need to pay attention to its proper cleaning. If it is making you scared when you think to act for this dreadful task, let us organise it in an active manner. A perfect action plan will help you to keep your bathroom clean all the time.

Action plan for Bathroom Cleaning:

  • First and most important thing to keep in mind is: follow regular cleaning methods because it will reduce your task as well as will keep you away from harmful diseases that are likely to produce with dirty bathroom environment.
  • Secondly you need to keep only necessary items in your bathroom so that it doesn’t looks like a garbage club.

These points will help you to make your bathroom cleaning easy task. Now the tips for cleaning bathroom under this specific action plan are as below:

  1. First of all remove all the unnecessary items from your bathroom like clothes, trash and cups. Prefer to take out movable cabinets so that you can find proper space for your cleaning.
  2. Drizzle some bleach or any other disinfectant into toilet bowl but side by side keep your door open and switch on the fan for proper ventilation.
  3. Start with dirty corners of bathroom and brush the dirt properly. Don’t forget to wear gloves for protection of your skin.
  4. If possible it is good to apply any effective scrub powder at dirty areas including tub and sink. Let it sit for few minutes and then scrub.
  5. Now it is time for cleaning ceiling, windows and walls with a proper bleach and sponge. Scrub the tiles properly and then rinse it off with clean rag.
  6. Shower head at your bathroom is major source of bacteria so pay attention to its regular and effective cleaning. Use quality cleaners for this purpose or prefer simple vinegar solution for healthy washing. Use hard brush to clean every little hole of its nozzle and if possible soak it in vinegar solution for more than 5 hours. After cleaning, dry it with the help of towel and allow some water to spread out so that all residues can be eliminated.
  7. Now it is your mirror looking for your attention; use cleaning solution and rinse it with towel. For more shiny touch add a small quantity of vinegar to water while cleaning.
  8. Clean the exterior portion of toilet including flush handle, area around seat lid hinges etc. Then use toilet brush for cleaning entire bowl with hardly scrubbing the hidden areas.
  9. Now sweep the floor with good quality cleaning products and make sure perfect cleaning of every corner.
  10. Don’t forget to clean base moulds as they contain most of dust.

So these ten tips are enough for complete toilet cleaning and it is important to prefer regular cleaning of this area because most of germs live in dirty corners of bathroom and they cause severe diseases.

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