5 Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

Having a large bathroom is a luxury enjoyed only by people owning big houses. However, in the present scenario of high rising cities, apartments create maximum space in such a way that usually compromises bathroom space. Making a small bathroom look big is actually a challenge. A bathroom has now become a corner of relaxation after a stressful day.

With all the given benefits of the bathroom it is important to also give some of our time to do a daily cleaning and ensure proper maintenance to preserve the solitary area which everyone treasures. Even when things seem to be running smoothly, be sure to be conscientious about maintenance. Always remember to check plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling units. Regularly check maintenance, before a minor issue becomes a complex, expensive problem.

Here are a few renovation, décor and maintenance tips that will make a big difference:

Tip #1: Lights

Light is a vital aspect. Provide the room with maximum natural light .One way of maximizing light is installation of lower-level lighting in the ceiling, wall lights and countertop lamps. The bathroom mirror can be enhanced with light fittings on both sides so that its reflection brightens up the space.

Tip #2: De-clutter.

Bathrooms are a very personal space so they tend to get cluttered. Clutter makes them even smaller. A little more organization in your bathroom can bring drastic changes in the space outlook. Use the minimum accessories in the bathroom. Use a single ornamental piece instead of a big display. Get rid of protruding things like shelves and racks or use them minimally. For the door, go for a clear glass panel instead of a Frosted one. This virtually creates more space and your bathroom seems a lot bigger.

Tip #3: Mirrors and glasses.

The use of Mirrors and Glasses is another way to bring a lot of reflection and light into the bathroom space. This will light up the room and save you from the extra expenditure of adding more lights .Two mirrors placed opposite to each other create an effect of endless space. The effect created acts like an additional window.

To smarten up the bathroom space use glass tiles that not only create lighter but also make it look elegant. Try to use neutral or light shades.

Tip #4: Maximize Space

Use your space well. Try and replace all protruding equipments. Instead of holding on to large bathroom vanities and cabinets you can use suction hooks, corner shelves and wall-mounted sink vanity combo. Remove all other wall-mounted shelves. Keep it minimal-one storage cabinet or a functional rack will do. When nothing sticks out the room creates a total space effect.

Tip #5: Paint, Wallpapers and Tiles

The correct color scheme on your bathroom walls is an important factor in creating more space. It would be best to avoid dark and bold colours as they narrow up space. Light blues and greens have a calming effect. You can also choose from pastels and white. While using wallpapers stay away from dark and intricate designs.

This should create a magical perception that gives your bathroom more space and make it look more elegant.

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