5 Hot Trends In Bathroom Design

Along with the changing times, the concept of the bathroom has also undergone considerable changes. As a consequence, some great innovative ideas have been added to bathroom design elements and fixtures thus reigning in a revolution of sorts to the overall bathroom decor. Nowadays a bathroom apart from its original idea of being a utility is also looked upon as that part of a home providing the comfort of space to chill out and relax.

Hectic lifestyles cause stress and once back home;heading to bathroom for a shower is just what one needs to unwind. Latest trends for the overall bathroom lay emphasis on utility, ambience, style and not to forget the environmental-friendly factor. The fittings, fixtures, color accent, lighting effects are all so aesthetically done up that these seem to seamlessly blend into each other to form a perfect package for one to unwind.

So here goes a list of 5 hot trends to set off your experience in the bathroom to be a satiating one from all angles.

Upgrades in Showers

The new-age shower space or shower case is sophisticated giving the effect of a quick spa feel. Many of the shower systems have options to control temperature, water pressure, steam pressure etc. Some designs also provide a built-in stereo system for those with a keen ear to music. Similarly walk-in curb-less shower designs too are very popular owing to their convenience and ease of use.

Adding More Color

Yes, the trend to add more color to the bathroom décor is definitely in fashion. Bright colors help to uplift the mood and this perception is helping to replace the lighter shades of the past with vibrant colors in the bathrooms. For those hesitant to use too much of vibrant shades could probably consider splashed or patches of bright colors to set off the dull background. Some of the popular colors doing the rounds nowadays are lavender, peach, blue-green, olive green, and the normal blue.

Innovation in Storage

Remember that in modern bathrooms, storage is an essential part of it. Having a well-organized storage space will help you in avoiding clutter. Besides the usual cabinetry with drawers, a new trend is that of fixing glass shelves under the sink to place toiletries for easy reach out. Built in cabinet fixed against the back wall of the bathroom provides the convenience of storage. For couples, the idea of two identical cut-out open storage shelves on either side of the bathroom mirror seems to be just ideal.

Lighting Trends

Bathroom lighting helps to improve the efficiency and ambience of the space within. Apart from normal lighting, make use of eco-friendly recessed lighting for greater effects. Again accent lighting will help in showcasing décor placed in the bathroom better. Use of under-cabinet lighting has great utility. Finally a back-lit mirror adds a touch of style to the overall ambience.

In-Vogue Bathroom Tiling

Geometric shapes in bathroom wall tiling appear to be catching the attention of homeowners of late. You can mix and match the color combination and use geometric pattern for floor tiles as well.

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