Choosing The Right Slipper Bath For Your Home

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The day you think of designing or renovating your bathroom, you want to ensure that it’s something different. Once you have made up your mind about having a Slipper Bath tub in your home then choosing the right bath is the next issue. Slipper baths have one high end to lie against and are designed for relaxation. They suit individuals who love a deep soak in the tub and relax. They are bold, trendy and elegant. A slipper bath is a traditional single ended bath with the head end of the bath higher than the foot end. Traditional slipper baths have four feet. The front feet and back feet are slightly different in shapes. Short slipper baths are popular in en-suites while the large ones are suitable for a very luxurious ambience.

Types of Slipper Baths

There are Cast Iron Baths and Roll Top Baths. They can be made of Acrylic; Stone cast Resin and cast iron. Acrylic is light, cheap and easily mended if scratched. Stone cast resin is strong and firm, easily mended if scratched and has a ceramic touch to it. Cast Iron is very heavy and has many benefits. These include better heat retention so you use less energy and water stays hot for long. It is easier to clean them due to their enameled surface. They are very durable and long lasting.

Points to remember while choosing

  • A Cast Iron slipper Bath, which is higher at one end than the other, allows you to soak and bathe in luxury and comfort. It gives your back a lot of support. There are varieties of slipper bath that are double ended, with a dip in the middle. An important feature of this style is that the plug and taps are in the middle, so they will not prevent you from enjoying a soak in a comfortable position.
  • Find a bath that you find comfortable and that is practical to your needs. Keep in mind the people who will use the bath and their age group. Will they like to sit up or lie down? Some people enjoy a deep bath; others prefer a shallower bath. A deep bath is rather unpractical for old and children.
  • A bath is the biggest feature of a bathroom. It is the focal point of the room and its style will influence the entire bathroom.
  • The shape of your bathroom is another important factor to be taken care of. For an         unusually shaped bathroom a corner bath could be ideal.
  • When choosing the material for your bath, always remember that different materials have different pros and cons. For example, stone and iron look very graceful, but as they are heavy they need a floor which is capable of bearing the weight before choosing a bath.

This also makes slipper baths ideal for having in a bedroom, for an additional luxury experience.

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